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  • HNS Name Claim

HNS Name Claim Update

Stats & Updates

  • Submitted TLDs: 146

  • TLDs gifted to owners: 2

  • "Comment" section added to Gift Form as catchall

  • Gift & Burn addresses set up on Bob Wallet

  • TLD Submission method added to Gift Form

  • Top gifters: #1 ResistantDomains/ (38) #2 Graham/ (29) #3 Blockdomains/ (13)

Thank you to everyone that has submitted a name so far!

Gift & Burn addresses on Bob Wallet

Gift: hs1q8qxv08egl8t2dks7slp3lupyukdkzg3pajqve8

Burn: hs1qkv7ucp58046rr33hra6fptr6hm9z5jxkce34en

Transferring a name from Bob wallet to Namebase just to gift it to HNS Name Claim to gift to the end user is too much work, so we've now created a gift wallet where holders on both Namebase and Bob Wallet can easily transfer names directly to us.

Filling out the gift form on our site is still necessary to be listed on the gift registry since it helps us ensure the name goes to the intended recipient.

The Burn wallet can be thought of as a quarantine for especially reprehensible names. It doesn't actually burn them, but we will ensure the names are never moved, always renewed, and forever out of circulation. We believe this kind of community self-censoring is important to maintain a healthy culture. Is it semi-futile since any name can still be used for nefarious purposes? Perhaps, but we can at least make an effort to remove exact matches for hate speech and the like.

Why gift a name?

If you haven't gifted a name yet, you may be wondering why anyone would gift a TLD when ownership is absolute and there's a possibility the end-user or someone else may pay a premium for it.

The simple answer is we believe the network effects of end-users, especially brands, owning and using their names provides a greater overall benefit both individually and collectively than the potential pay out of any given name. A brand using their name exposes more people to Handshake than almost any individual. A rising tide lifts all boats.

While most crypto namespaces are consumer centric, Handshake is uniquely positioned to offer very appealing commercial use cases since top-level domains are capable of issuing second-level domains. For this reason, we feel it's imperative to secure brand names not reserved by the Alexa Top 100k and create a platform for the community to scale the gift economy that was set at the creation of the protocol.

In this way, gifting names is not altruistic as much as an optimal strategy to increase the value of the protocol.

Still, we recognize there may be an opportunity cost associated with gifting names to HNS Name Claim versus gifting them yourself since Namebase offers percentages back on actions made by those you refer, however changing this policy would dramatically increase the amount of administrative work needed to operate and could make the project infeasible. We also believe having a neutral third-party dedicated to gifting names may increase the probability that giftees feel comfortable claiming their names.

That said, we're always open to creative solutions that may develop to make non-custodial gifting feasible & any $HNS we receive from referrals will be used to fund renewals for TLDs under our management. Donations of $HNS in any amount to either wallet are also greatly appreciated & 100% will go toward funding renewals.

Forms without gifted TLDs

We've received several forms without the names being gifted and so they have not yet been added to the Gift Registry.

If you're unsure whether this has happened to names you intended to gift, you can check a live list of names either missing forms or gifted names here:

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

What's next?

In the coming weeks and months we will create content to help giftees understand what they're being gifted, provide more updates on name submissions, and once Handshake utility and ease of use increases, we will begin proactively reaching out to giftees to help them claim their name(s). We will also be increasing our personal gifting of names to HNS Name Claim with the goal of reaching 500 TLDs.

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